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Our product and services can be summarized in this sitemap page. 

bouquet, flowers, roses

Our flowers range from baby’s breath, soap flowers and dried lover’s grass. We arrange these into various different unique and classy design. For those that like flowers money design, please remember to check out our money bouquet collection. We also have specialized collection such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Rilakuma and Melody figurine that arranged in a flower bouquet.

The Home & Living section provides various different decorative to enhance our home. Beautiful and unique candle holders will surely add something special to our living room. You can pair it with our collection of scented and smokeless candles.

Our cute and adorable cushions design will surely live up your living room. Some of the cushions come with a blanket inside it that allows you to cover up in a cold room. For those that like the charming Fortune Cat, our collection will surely meet your needs whether it is for friendship, health or prosperity.

Lastly, bring back your classic childhood memory with our music box collection. Some of the music boxes are manual clockwork, the others are powered by batteries or USB cable. Regardless, these pure musical box will allows you to relax and enjoy your day peacefully.