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Eileen Town Gift Shop is a unique Singapore gift shop, providing high quality and exquisite gifts for different occasions. Many of our customers have bought gift for their loved ones and they are surprised with the variety and uniqueness of our products. Searching for a unique and memorable gift for your special occasion can be very challenging. For instance, you want a unique gift for someone special or to celebrate a special occasion. 

We are a one-stop shop providing beautiful, memorable and unique gift for different occasions. Thus, you can choose from a huge collection of gifts, and we can tailor a gift-wrapping services for your needs. Above all, the perfect gift ideas will be much more memorable if it has a lasting impression. Check out our gift-wrapping services for more insights.


At Eileen Town Gift Shop, we always put customer first to ensure that they get the quality of products and services that we offered. Do check out our Money Bouquet design. It is a very unique way to send gift to someone special. For those that like Fortune Cat figurines, it is the perfect gift for shop opening or even house warming event.

Our Music Boxes collection are equally unique. Whether it is battery powered or clockwork mechanic, these charming musical box is suitable as a birthday, anniversary or friendship gift. If you are looking for Couple Gifts, do check out our collection of unique and cute figurines. Whether you are looking for a couple gifts for young adult or elderly, we got you covered.

If you like something special, why not browse our Personalized Gifts collection. The epoxy resin letters are hand crafted with colorful dried flowers. It is a remarkable gift for someone special. Lastly, for those that getting engaged or preparing for marriage proposal, Marry Me collection and Wedding Gifts will definitely make your day.

Eileen Town Gift Shop

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