Hamper Wrapping Services

We provide hamper wrapping services to customers that purchase gift from somewhere else for us to gift wrap. Hamper wrapping is different from gift wrapping. Most of the time, the content of hamper consists of various different items, weight, values and size. Depending on the occasion, most customer will put in valuable items such as wine, bird’s nest, branded chocolate, biscuits, and many more.

Hamper wrapping are quite common in Singapore as a gift during festive season such as Lunar New Year and Christmas. A lot of customer also custom pack various different items for corporate gift and during special event such as Earth Day, new born celebration and even get well soon gift.

The most compelling reason for choosing hamper as a gift is that you can choose items that you wanted and pack it nicely. Instead of buying ready made hampers where you might not like all the items in it, our hamper wrapping services provide you the flexibility to design your own hamper! Please see our gallery of hamper photos below. 

Beautiful Hamper Wrapping Services

Please kindly WhatsApp us the photo of items that you wish to pack in a hamper. Let us know your requirements such as the occasion for the hamper, when do you need it, color theme, the recipient and we will be able to suggest an appropriate design for you.

Our hamper wrapping services price range from $35-$45 depending on the complexity and size of the hamper. Typically, we can finished wrapping a hamper within a day. Except for special day such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day we don’t accept same day hamper wrapping.

Hamper Wrapping Services

Hamper wrapping is a decorative and creative way of packaging gifts or goods in a basket or container. It involves arranging and presenting various items attractively to create an appealing gift package. 

At Eileen Town, here is an overview of the hamper wrapping services:

  1. Selecting the Hamper: Let us know the items in the hamper so that we can choose a suitable basket, box, or container as the base for your hamper. We will consider the size, shape, and material of the container based on the items you plan to include.

  2. Theme and Contents: Let us know the theme or purpose of the hamper, such as a spa-themed gift, gourmet food basket, baby shower gift, or holiday-themed assortment. Select items that match the theme, ensuring they complement each other well.

  3. Wrapping Materials: We will include all the necessary materials, including cellophane or clear wrapping paper, tissue paper, shredded paper or straw, ribbons, bows, and any additional embellishments like gift tags or ornaments. These materials will be chosen based on the theme and to create an aesthetic appeal.

  4. Arranging the Items: We will take time to arrange your items strategically, considering their sizes and shapes. Larger items should be placed at the back or center, while smaller items can be positioned in the front or around the edges. Layering the items if necessary to create depth and a visually pleasing arrangement.

  5. Adding Fillers: Use tissue paper or additional shredded paper to fill any gaps or spaces between the items. This will help create a fuller and more polished look.

  6. Wrapping the Hamper: Once the items are arranged, we will carefully pull the corners of the cellophane or clear wrapping paper up and over the hamper. Then, we will ensure the wrapping is tight enough to hold everything in place but not so tight that it damages or compresses the items.

  7. Finishing Touches: Lastly, decorative elements such as bows, ribbons, or ornaments will be added to the top or surrounding the hamper based on the theme. You can attach a gift tag or label to personalize the hamper and provide information about its contents or the occasion it’s intended for.

Remember, the key to a visually appealing hamper is creativity, attention to detail, and a cohesive theme. Customizing the hamper to suit the recipient’s preferences or the occasion will make it even more special.