Wedding Gifts

We provide unique wedding gifts in Singapore. You can visit our shop in Sunshine Plaza or buy from our online store. Either way, we have some  very good choices of wedding gifts for this special day.

Lively and full of color, weddings are often a lavish affairs. It is about the happy couple and their respective families. The ceremony is the moment your marriage becomes official.

Choose different gift for occasions such as ROM and wedding banquet. Focus on blessings of prosperity with abundance. Or simply wishing for health and happiness.

Make sure you can get the best gift for your wedding ceremony. If you are attending a wedding, you can choose from various wedding gifts here.  Wedding gifts symbolize your respect and sincerity to the bride and bridegroom.

Weddings is one of the best and happy occasion for couples, friends and family. Whether it is your own wedding or a friend’s there is no better way than to make it special with a memorable gift. It becomes even more important if you are the bridesmaid or the best man.

Instead of the customary red packet money gift, it will be much more memorable and create a long lasting memory with a wonderful gift. Secondly, your choice of gift can be useful during wedding day itself as a decorative. Suitable for wedding room, reception desk and much more.

Likewise, for wedding anniversary celebration or anniversary gift for your wife, husband, or parents. Lastly, we have just the right surprise delivery to celebrate this special occasion!