Custom Engraving Services

Custom Engraving Services

Personalized Gifts

Custom Engraving Services

The creativity is limitless on what you want to engrave. Send us your photo and let us turn it into a beautiful caricature cartoon engraving.

This custom engraving services allow you to personalize your gift using our latest laser engraving device. Here are some of the sample of our work. Birthday greetings, anniversary, family reunion and corporate gift are most commonly seek by our customers.

Let us know your thought on how you wish to personalized your gift and we shall give you some suggestion. You can also quickly checkout out YouTube channel on how the engraving process works.

The price of the custom engraving services varies depending on the size and complexity of your gifts. It is something that you can surely afford. Contact us for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of engraving that you provide?
We provide custom engraving services for common materials such as wood plank, mobile phone casing, book cover, sticker, and much more.

How much does it cost?
For simple engraving, it cost a few dollars. For photo caricature engraving, it cost from $25 onward. Please contact us for more info on your desire gift and pricing.

How long does it takes?
It takes about 2 to 3 days to get the artwork and your engraving ready.

Can you do engraving on metal or glass?
No, we can only do engraving on non reflective materials. Reflective materials such as glass or metal requires special engraving equipment.