Adorable Wedding Doll Chinese Costume


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Wedding Doll Chinese Costume Plush Toys 50cm

Wedding Doll Chinese Costume Plush Toys 50cm tall pair of elegant plush toys bear. The bride is wearing a classic red Chinese wedding dress. The bridegroom is wearing a matching red costume as well. Getting engaged is a huge milestone. It simply means you’re about to embark upon the next chapter of your lives, so before you get down on one knee, make sure you have the right tools and companion to help with your marriage proposals.

Suitable as a gift for proposal, wedding ceremony, ROM, souvenir for newly wed couple. Be sure to send your friends, family, colleague and loved ones this elegant and exquisite figurines. Most importantly, cherish their day with this adorable figurines is a unique way to show you care — so much longer-lasting than a social media post. Then, celebrate all their magical moments with this brilliant looking figurines. Grant them this special wedding gift and see the priceless joy they deserved.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W H): 30.0 x 18.0 x 50.0 (cm)
Item Weight: 0.8 Kg
Color: Red
Material: Plush

What’s in the box:
Wedding Doll Chinese Costume Plush Toys 50cm

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Suitable for girl friend, wife, sister or just anyone that love cute plush toys. It is a perfect way to express your feelings and convey greetings to your loved one. Furthermore, it will surprise, delight, and entertain them for a long time. This lovely plush toys will become treasured friends for a lifetime.

Suitable as a gift for engaged couple, newlyweds, bride and groom, or decorations for soon be married couple. These plush toys will definitely be a good decorations that you can use in your bedroom, living room or even bridal car. Take great photos with these plush toys and it is surely Instagram worthy. This plush toy can be washed in washing machine. It is recommended to place it inside a pillowcase or a delicate wash protector.

Gift Wrapping
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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30.0 × 18.0 × 50.0 cm


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