Transparent Glass Water Bottle 320ml


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Transparent Glass Water Bottle 320ml

Transparent Glass Water Bottle 320ml is a small and slim bottle for daily usage. You can easily carry this water bottle to quench your thirst in a hot and sunny day. The design of this bottle is simple, easy to open and close yet spill resistant.

It come with leak-proof lid, airtight spill proof screw on cap lined with rubber on the lids inside to create a strong seal.

It is easy to fill up, and provides an easy liquid flow so that you can conveniently drink your beverage while on the go. Gently wash with water using soft sponge.

Water bottle, are multipurpose containers that allows you to carry your beverages easily. The best ones are often durable and light. They have other features, such as wide-mouth openings that make them easier to fill, clean, and add ice. They’re often durable, less prone to leaking, lighter and easily put in your bag.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W H): 6.0 x 6.0 x 16.0 (cm)
Item Weight: 0.2 Kg
Color: Pink
Material: Glass
What’s in the box:
Transparent Glass Water Bottle

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This elegant water bottle is suitable for those that like to carry it in backpack. This bottle is practical and yet sturdy for daily usage. Suitable for friendship, anniversary and business gift for various different occasions. Also perfect as a gift for girlfriend, wife, sister or just anyone that love a nice thermos. This adorable portable water bottle will become treasured friends for a lifetime.

Take out the water bottle from the packaging. Open the bottle cap to take out any instructions manual or small silica gel desiccant packet. Wash the water bottle thoroughly for the first time before usage. Enjoy your beverage using this water bottle.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6.0 × 6.0 × 16.0 cm

Pink, Green, Gold


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