Super Cute Smiley Emoji Soap Flowers


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Smiley Emoji Soap Flowers

This super cute smiley emoji soap flowers is made in house at Eileen Town. A lightly scented soap flowers design with various different festivals accessories. This is a simple but yet perfect gift for friends, family or anyone that can appreciate a cute smiley flower. The soap flower comes with different design and wrapped nicely in our high quality wrapping paper.

Next, we pair it up with a beautiful ribbon and finished it up with LED lights surrounding the flower. Lastly, it comes with a nice looking transparent carrier bag. Each additional smiley emoji soap flower cost SGD 5.00, WhatsApp us if you need a custom design with more than one smiley flower 🙂

This smiley emoji soap flowers should be a great décor for a club or shop. Furthermore, you can use it as decorative in your bedroom, guest room, living room for a truly personalized style. The soap flower will be a great choice of gift for your family & friends. It will creates a long lasting memory with its adorable cute smiley design.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W): 7 x 7 cm to 7 x 10 cm (Soap flowers, size depending on design)
Product Dimensions (W H): 15 x 40 cm (Transparent Carrier Bag)
Item Weight: 10 g
Color: Multi color
Material: Soap flowers
Batteries: Batteries included
Others: LED lights included

What’s in the box:
Smiley Emoji Soap Flowers with high quality wrappers, ribbons and LED lights


As this is a custom make to order floral arrangement, please WhatsApp us to order. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email, telephone or visit our shop to order.

Delivery Services
To deliver this Smiley Emoji Soap Flowers, please WhatsApp us or contact us for special arrangement. We can include any message you want in a greetings card.

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 40 cm


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