Smooth Sailing Money Boat


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Smooth Sailing Money Boat

This smooth sailing money boat represents good luck, great fortune and auspicious endeavor as the Chinese saying goes 一帆风顺. The perfect gift for someone special celebrating job promotion, business expansion, shop opening or even as housewarming gift. The wooden boat covered with money signifying prosperity, abundance and smooth passage across life.

Price shown excluding money inside the boat. You can let us know if you have any preferences in terms of the total denominations’ notes required. We will cater for your needs accordingly. The total denominations note for this boat is described in Product Information section below. Depending on the total amount that you need to put on this boat, we can also make a suitable suggestion for you.

Product Information
Product Dimensions (L W H): 34 x 10 x 32 (cm)
Item Weight: 950g
Material: Wooden boat
Denominations Notes: 17

What’s in the box:
1. Smooth Sailing Money Boat
2. Fairy lights
3. Wooden boat
4. Transparent box
5. Various denominations notes (17)

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Take Note
The flowers color you see here might be slightly difference from the actual flowers due to lighting in photography. Additionally, the design, pattern and color of the packaging might be different based on our supplier. We might tweak the design slightly to create a unique design every time.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does the price shown include all the money inside the boat?
No, the price shown includes services, boat, transparent box, shredded paper, LED lights and accessories.

2. Are these real money? Can I put fake money instead?
We use authentic Singapore dollar denominations in our product. We cannot use any fake money.

3. How much money can I put in this boat?
You can decide how much you want to put inside the boat. The denominations notes are indicated in the Product Information section above.
Say for example you want to put $170 in this smooth sailing money boat. We can put a 17 x $10. You can also request to have a mixture $50, $10, $5 and $2 notes to make it colorful.

4. So how much does this money boat cost?
The money boat price + The amount of money you want to put + Delivery fees (if you opt for delivery)

5. Can I self-collect this money boat?
Yes, you can collect it at our shop. Please see the address and opening hours at the Contact section.

6. Can you deliver this Smooth Sailing Money Boat on a specific date?
Sure, we provide delivery services as well for a small fee. Let us know the postcode of the recipient and intended delivery date.

7. Can you help me to write messages in a greeting card?
Absolutely, we do it all the time. Just WhatsApp us the message that you want to include.

8. How can I order this money boat?
As this is a custom make to order money boat, please WhatsApp us or contact us to order.
We need 2 days in advance notice to prepare this money boat.

9. Can I change the color of the boat?
Unfortunately, the color of the boat come as is and we are not able to change the color or design.

10. How can I make payment?
We accept cash, Paynow/Paylah or direct bank transfer for local customers. For international customers that use credit card payment, there will be a 4% surcharge on the amount of money that you want to put. We do not make any profit from the money, hence the 4% is purely bank fees that incurred.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 10 × 32 cm


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