Memorable Distance Map Photo


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Memorable Distance Map Photo

A lot of us have endure difficult situation where our loved one are so far away working or studying. This Memorable Distance Map Photo promise to bring us together in a unique way. The background image is a combined map of 2 locations of your choice. The front of the photo frame is a heart shape with a guy and girl side by side.

Put you and your partner name, important date and locations info to complete this custom gift.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W H): 20 x 3 x 20 (cm)
Item Weight: 180 g
Color: White
Material: Hard paperboard
Shape: Rectangle
What’s in the box:
1. Memorable Distance Map Photo
2. LED Lights

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Lead Time
We require 2 days in advance to prepare, customize and print your map.

Kindly WhatsApp us to order. Kindly let us know 2 locations to be included in the background map. Provide you and your partner name, important date and locations info.

This personalized Memorable Distance Map Photo is one of the most unique way to prepare a truly memorable gift for your love one. Gifting is a way of emotionally connecting as we express feelings of love and gratitude through exchanging presents. Sometimes the simplest gift can make the grandest statement.

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