Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses


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Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses

We arrange light yellow pink 11 roses soap flowers with preserved dried lover’s grass and presented it in a bouquet and wrapped with stylish ribbon. Lastly, we covered the entire bouquet with fairy LED lights. These flowers are delicately scented with wonderfully fresh scent.

Soap roses are a type of decorative soap that is made to resemble real roses. They are often scented and are made using a process called “melt and pour” soap making, where a premade soap base is melted down and then molded into the desired shape. Soap roses are a popular gift item and can be used as decorations or as a practical way to add a touch of luxury to your living room.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W H): 12 x 24 x 60 cm
Item Weight: 1 kg
Color: Light pink and yellow
Material: Soap flowers
Batteries: 1 button battery for LED lights (Included)

What’s in the box:
1. Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses with preserved dried lover’s grass
2. LED lights
3. High quality flowers wrapper
4. Exquisite ribbons
5. Hardcover flower box

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These beautifully packed soap flowers are a perfect gift for your friends, family or loved one during birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, Valentine’s Day, vacation, honeymoon, graduation, convocation, appreciation  or just a little treat for yourself. Most importantly, you will never go wrong with these stunning soap flowers.

The flowers color you see here might be slightly difference from the actual flowers due to lighting in photography. Additionally, the design, pattern and color of the packaging might be different based on our supplier.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 14 cm

6 reviews for Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses

    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    Hansen Kok
    11 October 2021
    Nice flowers and reasonable price. It smells good as well
    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    Zhen Wen
    4 July 2021
    Prompt response to questions, easy to deal and effective delivery
    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    Ruby Kaur
    21 June 2021
    Love the bouquet, fast delivery
    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    Wei Bin
    20 February 2021
    Special soap flowers for my mum birthday
    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    11 February 2021
    Lovely bouquet, I ordered 2 for my gf
    Light Yellow Pink 11 Roses photo review
    Kevin Lee
    29 October 2020
    Reasonable price and fast delivery
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