Christmas Balloon Snowman LED


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Christmas Balloon Snowman LED

This custom made to order balloon is made with high quality stretchy premium plastic material. Inside the balloon is a snowman made using cotton and decorated with Christmas hat. Surrounding with white cotton to make it feel like snow.

Outside the balloon, we covered it with premium wrapping papers.We then surround the balloon with LED light that make it looks awesome at night. Lastly, we add a layer of white gauze making it so beautiful to hold.

The unique and transparent material means every angle is the balloons best angle. The stretchable plastic inflates much larger than the recommended size before. It is environmental friendly and latex-free.

Be sure to send your friends, family, colleague and loved ones this cute and adorable Christmas balloon snowman. Most importantly, cherish their day with this adorable music box is a unique way to show you care — so much longer-lasting than a social media post. Then, celebrate all their magical moments with this brilliant soap flower gift set. Gift them this special Christmas balloon snowman LED and see the priceless joy they deserved.

Product Information

Product Dimensions (L W H): 26 x 26 x 60 cm
Item Weight: 50 g
Color: Multi color
Material: High quality stretchy plastic
Batteries: Batteries included
Others: LED lights included
What’s in the box: Christmas Balloon Snowman LED lights

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