Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Bouquet


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Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Bouquet

The Chinese zodiac, also known as Shengxiao, is a 12-year cyclic animal zodiac system that is widely used in China and other East Asian countries. This Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Bouquet is the perfect gift for someone special that like Doraemon and zodiac sign. Each of the Doraemon figurine in the bouquet wearing a Chinese Zodiac sign hat. These figurines are pack together with soap flower roses using exquisites wrapping paper.

Product Information
Product Dimensions (L W H): 12 x 24 x 60 cm
Item Weight: 1.5 kg
Color: Blue
Material: PVC Vinyl

What’s in the box:
1. Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Bouquet
2. LED lights
3. High quality flowers wrapper
4. Exquisite ribbons
5. Hard cover flower box

These beautifully packed Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Bouquet is the perfect gift for your friends, family or loved one during birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, Valentine’s Day, vacation, honeymoon, graduation, convocation, appreciation  or just a little treat for yourself. Most importantly, you will never go wrong with these stunning soap flowers.

The flowers color you see here might be slightly difference from the actual flowers due to lighting in photography. Additionally, the design, pattern and color of the packaging might be different based on our supplier.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 60 cm


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