Welcome to our humble online store. Eileen Town Gift Shop (53406246J) is a registered business based in Singapore.

We hope to have our own brand in the future, δΎζž—ε°ι•‡ is our first step towards that. We offer unique products such as flowers, teddy bears, couple gifts, wedding gifts, music box and various home decor for different occasions.

We source our products from different overseas suppliers. We inspect and ensure that our products are in good quality before shipping out to our customers. Most of our products have local stock that can be shipped out upon receiving order. Please visit our online shop at

We constantly update our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe to our channels and get notified on latest products update. We appreciate our customer support and sincerely hope our products will meet your expectations.

Your feedback is important for us to improve our products and services. Please reach out to us via email and WhatsApp if you have any questions, comments or simply to say hi πŸ™‚