Singapore Gift Ideas

Singapore Gift Ideas aims to provide a straight forward, easy to understand guide and various gift for different occasions. In a multi-racial country like Singapore, we have the opportunity to experience various different festivals. Being a important financial hub, open economy and supportive government, we can participate and indulge in many world class events, exhibitions, forums, expo, and much more.

But the fundamental of getting a gift for special occasion is never an easy task. It really depends on many factors and we will break down these in simple and easy to follow guide and suggestions. 

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    Online Gift Shop in Singapore

    Looking for unique gift from online gift shop in Singapore is always challenging. Most of the online gift shop is quite boring with gifts that you commonly see in our shopping mall around Singapore. Fear not, check out our Instagram for various gifts ideas and be sure to contact us in advance to order.

    Singapore Wedding Gift

    Getting wedding invitation from friends, colleagues and relatives has been something that everyone will experience occasionally. Whether it is a wedding solemnization, tea ceremony or dinner reception, it has been a tradition to bring gift to well wish the bride and bridegroom. We have a comprehensive collection of western and traditional Chinese wedding gifts in the market. When you are looking for wedding gift in Singapore, please remember to check out our wedding collection.

    Singapore Gift Ideas

    Birthday Gift Shop

    Celebrating birthdays is really a year long marathon. From your spouse, close friends, colleagues, relatives, the list goes on and you just need to make sure you don’t missed any of this important day! Do check out our gift collections and I am sure you will find something unique that can fit your occasion, budget and requirements of having something fresh and interesting.

    Singapore Gift Ideas: Unique Gift

    We have some of the most unique gifts selection in Singapore. These are something that you won’t see everyday or easily find in your neighborhood shop. Please visit our unique Personalized Gifts collection for more info.

    Birthday Balloon Gift

    Shop Opening Gift

    It has been a common practice and tradition to send gift to friends or relatives that open a new shop or embark on a new business. Make sure to check out of Fortune Cat collections to find a suitable gift for shop opening.

    Fortune Cat Floral

    Personalized Gift Puzzle Photo

    Transform your favorite photo into a classic and elegant puzzle. A very unique gift for someone special or celebrate special occasion. You can take out this 70 pieces puzzle and put it back together. Check out this unique gift here.

    Puzzle Photo

    Personalized Vintage Film Roll

    Conserve 20 of your favorite photos in this vintage film roll set. You can use it as a keychain and it is a perfect gift to celebrate special events such as birthday and anniversary.

    Vintage Film Roll

    Personalized Rubik Photo

    An actual Rubik cube with your own photos! Just make sure that you choose square photos for a perfect result. 

    Rubik cube photos

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