Money Flowers Bouquet

Money Flower Bouquet Introduction

In this article, we will look into what exactly is money bouquet and why are so many people excited about getting this type of bouquet as a special gift. There are many different type and design of this unique flower bouquet. How would you choose a suitable bouquet for a birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or anniversary? We’ll give you some simple tips to get you started.

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Money Flower Bouquet

Money flowers bouquet come in different sizes and design. Depending on your budget and occasion, you can order your bouquet accordingly. The photo shown here are example of 3 elegant but yet simple money flower.

Money flowers is the perfect gift for birthday celebration, anniversary and marriage proposal. It is used to present “love” in various ways. Sending a bouquet of this money flowers makes a statement that you care, and it will make a lasting impression on anyone at any time of the year.

Our money flower bouquet is a popular choice for anyone looking to send a unique and memorable gift. These beautiful blooms are made up of real money bills, and they make a statement that will never be forgotten. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to match any décor or style.

Please order 2 days in advance for any of the money bouquet. If you have any urgent delivery, please WhatsApp us and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Type of Money Flower

Generally, there are two type of money flower bouquet that can easily be purchase from any specialty flowers or gift shop. The first type is a basically denomination notes only bouquet. The denomination notes are design such a way to resemble a flower and arrange nicely in a bouquet. Each denomination notes are hand crafted by skilled designer. This type of bouquet is much more expensive as it is more labor intensive and took longer time to prepare. It looks fantastic, as the denomination notes are folded multiple times to look like a real flower. When you unfold these notes, some of the notes might be spoiled and it is harder to actually unfold these notes and ultimately use it.

The second type of money flower are folded and design to mimic a flower or a heart shape. It is often paired with other flowers to make a hybrid money flowers bouquet. This type of money flower looks more modern and yet beautiful. The denomination notes are often so much easier to unfold and allow the recipient to actually use the money.

What Size Is Suitable

The size of the money flower bouquet generally depends on a few factors such as:
1. Budget
2. Occasion
3. Element of Surprise
4. Convenience

How Much Money Inside Each Bouquet

Well, this is rather a subjective topic. It is entirely up to each individual how much money to put in the money bouquet. These are a few factors that you can consider:
1. Budget
2. Occasion
3. The Recipient
4. Security

What Flowers Are Suitable

This is the easy part when come to the type of flowers that you should use. The answer is simply any flowers will be fine! The matter of fact is that the focus of the entire bouquet is not really on the type of flowers used. The recipient will surely be delighted to receive such a surprise bouquet filled with denomination notes. They will be so happy to be taking photo of the bouquet to show off in their Instagram and Facebook. The question of the flower type simply does not arise. Having said that, the most common flowers that we have seen are basically roses and baby’s breath.

How To Make Money Bouquet

There is no formal education or courses available on how to make a money flowers. It really depends on some experience and most importantly your imagination. The elements required for make a beautiful money flower bouquet as follow:
1. Flowers
2. Money 🙂
3. Wooden stick
4. Floral foam
5. Wrapping paper
6. Ribbons
7. Soft veil

Money Bouquet Singapore

There are not many shops in Singapore that provide money flowers services. If you found these steps are troublesome, you can always engage our services to make a nice bouquet for your special occasion. Simply WhatsApp us and let us know your requirements. We need 2 days in advance notice to prepare a bouquet for you. Alternatively, you can browse our Money Flowers Bouquet collection and get some idea which one that you preferred. 

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