SoundBlaster JAM V2

SoundBlaster JAM V2 Gift Wrapping

It is really a walk down the memory lane when we received the order to gift wrap the SoundBlaster JAM V2 for our corporate client. When I started computing during the early 90’s, I was so excited about the multimedia computer features. Having the ability to listen MP3 music, watch DVD and play computer games using my own personal computer was really the favorite thing to do. I was so addicted to computing and got my first computer on 1995 – a Pentium 75 Mhz Packard Bell computer.

There was countless hours of gaming, music, movies on this computer. Then, I start venturing into building custom computer using parts from different manufacturer. This is where it got really exciting. Going to local computer store to get my favourite motherboard, hard disk, RAM, casing, processor chip, A-drive, CD-ROM, MPEG card, subwoofer and most importantly the soundcard to piece everything together. 

Back then, Creative’s SoundBlaster was really the de-facto sound card that I will use for all my custom PC. I will pair it with my Altec Lansing speaker and the results was just phenomenal. The game play was simply awesome, I can stick on my chair and play Warcraft for hours. My mother has no clue when I take apart all the components inside the computer just to add an additional memory stick. I never went to any computing school, there wasn’t any that teaches you to assemble PC back then. It was all self-learn and searching the Internet using Yahoo. There was no Google, no YouTube, just pure discussion forum and images to help gamers and PC enthusiast tweak these hardware and drivers properly.

Fast forward today, it was totally different scene all together. I have seen many tech giant diminishes over time. But Creative Labs still stand tall till today, innovating it products range to includes various headsets, speakers, webcams and even home theater.

SoundBlaster JAM V2

Boxes of SoundBlaster JAM V2

This project is to help our client celebrating their 50th anniversary with a perfect gift wrapping. These goodies are gifts for their corporate clients.

I haven’t been using SoundBlaster product for many years. The last was a sound card in my personal computer. When we embarked on this project to gift wrap 400 pieces of this headset, the fond memories of SoundBlaster kept pouring in.

I haven’t personally tried this headphone, but the spec definitely looks good.

The wrapping is a simple yet elegant design. The color combination of black wrapping paper and gold ribbons simple creates a harmony of good looking gift boxes. The black and gold colors are simply the corporate colors of our client. We are truly humbled to be entrusted with the responsibility to undertake this important project. It took us 8 days, 450m of ribbons and 5 big rolls of double sided tape to complete wrapping all 400 boxes. We are satisfied with the outcome of the gift wrapping of the SoundBlaster JAM V2 headphones. Sincerely wish our client continuous success for many years to come.

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